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Dr Jason Anderson, University of Calgary

Jason Anderson

© Cindy Baldassi"

Jason Anderson is Associate Professor of Veterinary Anatomy in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Calgary. Research in Dr Anderson’s laboratory covers a wide range of topics, including the origin of modern amphibians, early amniote evolution, the early evolution of ichthyosaurs and, rather inevitably, the large herbivorous dinosaurs of Southern Alberta. He is working on some of the Blue Beach material.

Chris Mansky and Sonja Wood, Blue Beach Fossil Museum, Nova Scotia, Canada

Chris Mansky & Sonja Wood

© Chris Mansky & Sonja Wood"

Chris Mansky (researcher and curator) and Sonja Wood (owner) of the Blue Beach Fossil Museum, which houses a great deal of early tetrapod material which they collected at Horton Bluff, near Hantsport, Nova Scotia. The specimens belong to the province of Nova Scotia.

Deborah Skilliter, Nova Scotia Museum

Deborah Skilliter

© Deborah Skilliter

Deborah Skilliter is Curator of Geology at the Nova Scotia Museum in Halifax and is responsible for the provincial geological and palaeontological collections, including the Horton Bluff material housed at the Blue Beach Fossil Museum.