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The NMS team is in charge of excavations, exhibitions, curation of fossils and outreach programmes.

Dr Nick Fraser

Nick Fraser


Nick Fraser is head of the Department of Natural Sciences at NMS and has over 25 years experience of vertebrate palaeontology research, with a significant publications record, including papers in Nature, Palaeontology and the Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society. He has a particularly strong record of leading field operations in a variety of strata worldwide, including large-scale field excavations in China, the east North American Coastal Plain and 10 successive field seasons in the dinosaur-rich Jurassic Badlands of Wyoming, USA.

Dr Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross

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Andrew Ross is head of Palaeobiology at NMS, has 20 years of experience of fossil arthropod research and has published many scientific articles, papers and book chapters, including a popular book on amber. He is particularly renowned for his research on fossil insects, though he has also studied fossil crustacea, chelicerates and myriapods.

Dr Stig Walsh

Stig Walsh


Stig Walsh is Senior Curator of Vetebrate Palaeontology at NMS. Over the past 14 years, his research has centred on the evolution of the vertebrate brain and senses, although he has worked and published on a wide variety of marine and terrestrial vertebrates, including early tetrapods. He has considerable expertise in the analysis and visualisation of micro-CT data and has developed invaluable experience overcoming problems scanning the kind of dense matrices that usually enclose Palaeozoic vertebrates.

Vicen Carrió

Vicen Carrió


Vicen Carrió is Geological Conservator / Preparator at the NMS. . Her responsibilities include providing advice on geological conservation, techniques and preparation to other departments within the museum and to visitors working on their collections. Her role includes care, preparation and conservation of the TW:eed Project specimens that are housed at the NMS