Public Outreach

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Letting the public know what we are doing is an important aspect of the project. Most of this will be performed by the team at the NMS, Nick Fraser, Andy Ross and Stig Walsh, but some will also be done by Roz Wade, who is Education and Outreach Officer at the University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge.

Public Outreach in this context is divided into Professional and General Public. By Professional, we mean talks and posters given at scientific conferences around the world. Outreach activities involving non-scientists are grouped under General Public. There is a page for each hanging off this submenu, along with pages for BGS Open Days.

The Project Blog, which includes a Twitter feed, is maintained by Carys Bennett at the University of Leicester.

Rob Clack (Cambridge) maintains the project Facebook page and writes the occasional newsletter. Please see the Downloads page for links where you can download them.